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chemical fertilizer
chemical fertilizer
chemical fertilizer
chemical fertilizer

    TİMAH GROUP Ltd Şti  is an international independent trading company that basically works on petrochemicals, fertilizers, agro and metal products. We are continuing to our quality services in logistics and business, thanks to our professional and experienced team by using our large customers and logistic infrastructure in Turkey and countries in the region.

Our absolute goal is to establish strong sustainable and permanent relationships with our client and partner, based on trust, expertise and performance, and to ensure the satisfaction of our customers and partners via our experienced, reliable and proven professionals team.
TİMAH Group has decided to fill the gap in the sector by determining the demand for reliable importers in Turkey in many activities carried out in the international arena.

For this purpose, TİMAH Group, which started to serve in fertilizer sector by obtaining a LICENSE Certificate for Chemical Fertilizer Production and Import from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in 2019, and strengthened its position in the sector by completed its membership in GÜİD (Fertilizer Manufacturers, Importers and Exporters Association) in 2020.

To support the farmers, who are valuable producers of the agricultural sector, to provide economic and fast services all over the world.

To add value to the agricultural sector in our country and in the world as a sustainable and economical supplier in the agriculture and fertilizer sector.